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Efficient Design

We have managed to stand above and exceptional from others. We provide you with best efficient led lights. We provide you with 25 % more efficient design than other L.E.D lights.

Life Span

Our bulbs and lights are expected a 11 years of continuous operation and 22 years of 50% operation.

Eco Design

We are free of toxic chemicals like mercury, and also we give you 100% recyclable products.

Performance Tested

Our products are tested under some of the extreme outdoor and indoor conditions and temperatures; cold, hot, rainy, snow etc.

Customer Flexibility

Customer needs are prior in our company. Hence we don’t compromise for this.

Excellent Color Rendeering

We provide you an exact color rendered by light as you need. Either an cool white or warm white.

Technically Aroused

Aaditya provides you a low voltage power supply LED illumination. It makes you easy to adjust our product even for solar-energy source in rural areas.

Smart Products

Efficient ideas, smart controlling, rapid enhanced cooling system (special aluminium heat sink) boost us to front in the row of LED design and manufacturers.

Crafted For Interiors

Aaditya LED lights are proposed to suit your home interior. Our designs are definitely delivered to enhance your walls.

Warranty & Installation

Aaditya LED honestly provides you a full 2 year warranty of our each product. With each product you get a piece to piece replacement, within 24 hours.